Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Demon Souls Sequel - Trailer Revealed

If you haven't played Demon's Souls, a game known for it's very challenging difficulty, then you've missed out on a great JRPG. However, now a sequel is on the horizon, except instead of being exclusive to the PS3 it will also be available on the Xbox 360 and PC, which allows it to obviously reach a wider audience. I was a late adopter to Demon's Souls, but once I played it, I realized that game should be experienced by everyone who is a fan of RPGs. Even though many people claimed that the eastern world weren't doing so good with games this generation, Demon's Souls truly stood out among them in a league of its own. Enjoy the trailer of Demon's Souls sequel.

Dark Souls Trailer


  1. Looking good. I just hope it's more open world that the previous. I wasn't a big fan of the teleporting stones :S

  2. Huh. I wonder how the transition from PS3 to PC is gonna work out. keep the updates coming

    Holla at me,