Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My High Definition Experience

Last weekend, I bought Mass Effect 2 for the PS3, I held off on playing it until I got the rest of the things I wanted which was an HDTV and HDMI cable. On Sunday, I did exactly that, of course it cut into the time of the Super Bowl, but I'm no big fan of sports. I went to Best Buy and bought a 32 inch, 720p, 60Hz Dynex HDTV and Sony HDMI cable. Once I got home to set up everything and see what it looked liked. I was in awe.

I knew HD was good, but after setting it up and playing my PS3 on it, I began to reminisce on how my games played on my old TV. I could barely read things on the screen like the text for instructions in game, but with this new TV I saw everything so clearly. I had already put Mass Effect 2 in and let it install and the Cerberus Network download the day before I bought my TV. So when I played the game and was going through that interactive comic I couldn't wait to see how everything was going to be. I LOVED how it looked once I started and was creating my character, and even more when I played and was actually going around to do stuff. The Killzone 3 Beta also went well with it. I aimed better, and could actually see where things were easily, and the graphics just...they were excellent, but hey I'm a new adopter to HD so mostly everything is going to be awesome in my eyes.

Buying this HDTV instead of just pouring all my cash into games is perhaps the best investment I've made thus far. Some of the games I've beaten, but have yet to get all the trophies/achievements for, they might get a replay because of this TV, if I don't get so bogged down into new games. 

Next misson, achieve a 40 inch, 1080p, 120Hz (or 240Hz) HDTV. Although the only downside to 240Hz is that everything looked so real and detailed until it looked fake and straight computer generated.

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