Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable) or PSP2 (Play Station Portable 2) as we would call it. The NGP will be releasing sometime around or before Holiday 20111. It has also been stated that instead of UMDs it will use a new format. The NGP has  also so far proven to be a excellent piece of technology through it's performance and ability to run PS3-based games with the same quality as PS3, which was stated by Hideo Kojima.

Impressive hardware, eh?

This is a video of Hideo Kojima running Metal Gear Solid 4 running on the NGP.

If you're still not won over by that, then look no further, an Uncharted title that is being made for the NGP was also shown running on it.

If either of those don't interest you in the quality of games to come to it, then I don't know what to say to you. 

Along with the promising features it has, as well as quality games to come, the Sony NGP is surely here to give the Nintendo 3DS a run for it's money. 

According to Ripten, one of their GameStop sources claimed that they would be taking pre-orders on the NGP for a $50 deposit with the final price of it being $299. The 3DS has been set at $249. If you want more for your buck, and promising line up of great games  and features, the NGP is definitely worth it.

Not only that, but in addition to Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted games for the NGP, there has also been said to be a Call of Duty and Killzone game being developed for it as well. Epic Games, the makers of the critically acclaimed Gears of War series, vice president Mark Rein spoke of his experience with the NGP from playing their demo, and Dungeon Defenders. It resulted in him saying "[The NGP is] in the same class as the PlayStation 3." 

After everything from developers and the proof they've shown, I have faith placed upon the NGP. It could revolutionize the way handheld consoles are meant to be. I will be investing in this. How about you?


  1. If the price is really $299 then sign me up. That's a steal for all the features it has...

  2. So true man, so true. I might even buy it day one lmao ESPECIALLY if it has a good line up of games for launch.

  3. Day one buy. The only thing that worries me about it is...portable CoD.

  4. Lmao Texhnolyze...I said that myself, if the hardware has good security on it, we won't have to worry much about hackers, but the minute it's hacked, the games will most likely become unplayable due to so many cheaters =\ if they are able to access online after hacking that is..