Monday, February 14, 2011

Sci-Fi movies

I was just looking at TV and realized that there are going to be a few seemingly good Sci-Fi movies I'm going to watch this year.  I'd just like to share a few of them.

Battle: Los Angeles is one I'm really interested in seeing. I saw UFOs, Aliens, and war. I was instantly hooked.

Cowboys and Aliens is the next one. I like what they're trying to incorporate for this movie. I even hope the Rockstar team behind the making of Red Dead Redemption make an expansion for Aliens vs Cowboys, like they did with Zombies being brought into the game.

Not only are those what I'm so desperately waiting to see. I'm also ready for Transformers 3. I've watched Transformers since Beast Wars, and even went back to watch the original movie. I even kept up to all of the animated series afterward. The first Transformers did a excellent job, and the second did just as good, but seemed like they lacked a bit. (I WANTED MORE DEVESTATOR!) I'm hoping for the third installment to do a near-perfect job.

Those are my three most sought after movies for this year so far that have yet to release. I'm also interested in the Green Lantern, Thor, and Captain America movies, but for some reason I have a feeling they won't be as great as they could, hopefully I'm proven wrong.

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